West Cork Distillers

Welcome to West Cork Distillers, a company founded in 2008 in Union Hall, West Cork, Ireland, by three good friends who were inspired by the true character of West Cork and a lifelong desire to make the best Spirits in the world. The Kennedy name is part of their heritage and two of them were deep sea fishermen all their lives.


It was their friendship that began them on the voyage to make the best Irish owned Spirits in the world:

“We aim to be a centre of excellence for the distillation of brown spirits, and to deliver innovative products to meet and stimulate international market demand.”

This story was born in the small fishing village of Union Hall in West Cork, Ireland out of a deep love and passion for the ancient art of distilling, which actually first originated in Ireland hundreds of years ago. Enjoying a drink with good friends is a very old and timeless experience. One of the most important things in life is strong and lasting friendship and the company you keep by your side.


The distillery at West Cork is very unique in that most of the mashing, fermentation & distilling equipment was handcrafted on site by the team at WCD.  No other distillery work force can be so  knowledgeable and intimately married to its equipment.

WCD has several notable ways-of-working which all contribute to making the finest quality spirits.

WCD is the most southerly located distillery on the Atlantic Archipelago which provides a unique meso-thermal microclimate for which West Cork is famous and which is ideal for the maturation of Irish whiskey.

WCD triple distills all its Irish whiskey.

WCD malts some of its own barley.

WCD only uses Irish grown grain in the production of its Irish whiskey.

WCD only uses pot stills in the production of its Irish whiskey.

WCD only uses spring water in the production of its Irish whiskey (i.e. no treated municipal water is used).

WCD only half fills its spirit stills in order to allow for maximal copper – spirit vapour interactions which is key to the production of quality Irish whiskey.

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West Cork Distillers
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