Places to Eat in West Cork

In this part of Ireland, the food miles from plot to plate are often remarkably small! West Cork has a somewhat exceptional climate, the coastal areas warmed by the Gulf Stream support a lush, almost tropical, vegetation. Temperatures tend not to get as low as they are elsewhere – snow is almost unheard of – and it is also warmer than average.

This warm micro climate has made West Cork a region with a wonderful food culture, our farmers, award-winning artisan producers and chefs are leading Ireland’s culinary revolution. Traditionally this is a farming community, which in turn has led to the large number of artisan cheese makers and organic growers in the area. Other speciality producers have been attracted here by the tradition of good food that has been built up and in turn contribute to the menu of savoury tastes on offer.

On West Cork Connect we showcase some of the best in food production, farmers’ markets, restaurants and cafés; take time to taste and enjoy...

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