Whiddy Island

Whiddy Island lies in beautiful Bantry Bay, just a short ferry crossing from Bantry town making it a popular spot for day trippers. A small island, approximately 3 miles long x 1.5 miles wide and nestling in the sheltered heart of Bantry Bay, off the coast of West Cork. Its inhabitants, mostly devoted to fishing and farming, are warm natured people who welcome both day-trippers and holiday makers alike.

whidy island bantry west cork

The island's climate, like other parts of South West Cork, is influenced by the Gulf Stream creating a unique ecology and wealth of wildlife. Beautiful red and purple fuchsia is abundant on the island throughout the summer and autumn and the common Butterwort is also found here - one of the few ‘insect eating’ plants found in Ireland.

Truly an island paradise - Whiddy is a small haven of peace and tranquillity. It's easy to spend a quiet afternoon rambling Whiddy's fields or bird watching at the island's two lakes. Visitors here can be assured of a restful and enjoyable stay, enjoying stunning views amidst green and pleasant surroundings.

Ferry Service available from Bantry Pier

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